Creating a Hello World in Apache Royale

This section will try to bring simple code examples that should help to develop with Apache Royale more quickly. This is in part a tribute to Peter deHaan blogs he did for Apache Flex, ActionScript 3 and Adobe AIR some years ago. Hope you like it and want to contribute to get a huge library of Royale code snippets well organized and searchable.

So lets begin with our first code snippet: Hello World.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<js:Application xmlns:fx=""

        <js:SimpleCSSValuesImpl />

            <js:Label text="Hello World" />

In this example you can see the use of the following MXML tags:

  • Application: Is the main tag in your application. All content in Apache Royale is added inside this tag.
  • SimpleCSSValuesImpl: This class implements a minimal set of CSS rules that is sufficient for most applications.
  • View: This is the class for most views in a Royale application.
  • Label: Implements the basic control for show a label with text.

Where to go from here

The result of this "Hello World" code snippet is the following:

(We're using an iframe to host the actual results of this example compilation. To see the example in a separate window click this link.)

Full project with source code can be found here:

Project Source Code