Royale at ApacheCon 2020

The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) held its annual convention, ApacheCon, September 29-October 1, 2020. Because of the pandemic, it was an all-virtual conference. Participants logged in and attended keynote speeches, track sessions, and informal hallway meetings from all around the world. The conference had a track in Mandarin, and sessions in Hindi.

Attendance broke all previous records, with over three thousand people taking part. Over 80% were attending their first-ever ASF convention.

There were 27 presentation tracks, the largest number ever for ApacheCon. Apache Royale was among them, with presenters in Pakistan, Spain, and Canada.

The tracks were:

  • Hello, Royale!: A high-level tour of what Apache Royale does, its history, and what it offers to people creating new applications or migrating existing Flex applications before the end of Flash support. (Video) (PDF)

  • Moving an App from Flex to Royale: What's involved in migrating a complex, business-critical application from Apache Flex and the Flash platform to Apache Royale. (Video) (PDF)

  • Starting from a blank file: A demonstration of creating a complex application from an empty file, using Royale's existing features and component sets. (Video) (PDF)

  • Tour de Jewel: A review and discussion of the Jewel component set, the most feature-rich of the component sets Royale provides. (Video) (PDF)

You can download and review PDFs of the four presentations or watch the videos of the presentations available on YouTube.