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Here you can find the binary distributions of Apache Royale SDK for you to download. We already provide source code and you always can go directly to our GitHub repositories.

Current Release

The current version of Apache Royale is 0.9.6, released in October, 2019. It is beta-quality. This means that Royale may not work entirely as you or we want it to, and that certain “standard” components or functions are not yet available. However, you can create applications in Royale and compile them to run either in a browser window or on the Flash/AIR platforms.

Download the compiled (binary) version of Royale from one of the Apache mirror sites:

To create JavaScript applications only:

To create JavaScript or Flash applications:

Copy the contents of the download into a directory on your computer, then connect it to the IDE you are using.

Older Releases

Searching for older releases of Apache Royale? Please, take a look in GitHub Apache Royale Releases page.


If you use npm, please write the following instructions in your console:

npm install @apache-royale/royale-js -g
npm install @apache-royale/royale-js-swf -g

Nightly Builds

We provide two kind of nightly build packages.  The first one only output javascript and the other one outputs javascript and flash.

These nightly builds are generated from our development branch, which means the distributions may not be fully functional and/or could contain bugs. We strongly recommend not to use this nightly builds in production environments.

Royale Nightly Build

The Royale (JS, SWF) packages are available here:

JSOnly Nightly Build

The Royale (JSOnly) packages are available here:

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