IDEs and Editors

Integrated Development Environments for Apache Royale

The following products and tools support Apache Royale and make working with AS3 and MXML easier for our community. Choose your favorite IDE to enhance your Apache Royale development experience!

IDEs with support for Apache Royale

ActionScript & MXML for Visual Studio Code

ActionScript and MXML language extension for Visual Studio Code to develop apps for Adobe AIR, Flash Player, or Apache Royale.

Moonshine IDE

An Open Source IDE for ActionScript 3, Apache Flex®, Apache Royale® and Feathers UI development, with cloud and desktop support.

IDEs with support for ActionScript and MXML

These IDEs don't have official support for Apache Royale, but with a little extra configuration, you can use them for Royale development.

IntelliJ IDEA

Capable and ergonomic IDE for the JVM Platform that supports AS3 and MXML development.